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De La Rue MACH 3 Coin Sorter/Counter TALARIS / Brandt (Refurbished)

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The MACH 3 is fast, accurate, reliable and easily serviceable, simplifying coin processing for any business that currently counts, sorts and wraps coins by hand or uses a coin packager. At 1,500 coins per minute and sorting capabilities of up to six denominations, the MACH 3 is one of the fastest coin sorters/counters in its class. Its compact size utilizes minimal counter space and fits into virtually any environment. The MACH 3 has a built-in carrying handle with an optional cover/carry bag that protects the unit and keeps the standard coin drawers securely in position during transport.
Easy to Use
Giving users the ability to easily change settings to meet their individual needs, selectable bag stops, batch and grand totals are accessed via a direct keypad. A two-line alphanumeric display conveys relevant operations messages at a glance.
Multiple Functionality and Options
The MACH 3 is one of the most fully-featured coin sorters available on the market today. In addition to sorting coin into drawers and bags (Photo #4), with exact bag stops the MACH 3 can also be equipped with a coin tubing feature that allows the user two options:
1. The ability to sort coin first and then follow-up by wrapping individual denominations OR
2. The capability to sort and wrap coin in one step (Photos #1, #2 and #3) The tubing attachments have been designed with a base that allows the first coin to fall flat into the paper tube and support it, freeing the user from having to stand and hold the paper coin wrap.
Another optional feature of the MACH 3 is the cash till sorting kit (Photo #5), consisting of a funnel and manifold. This is the ultimate in convenience for retailers who count their cash register drawers frequently, as it saves them time by quickly and accurately counting coins and sorting them into the appropriate drawer locations.
De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class cash handling solutions. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systems’ network of branch offices
and authorized distributors./


Technical Specifications


Height: 9.25” (235mm)

Width: 9.00” (229mm)

Depth: 15.40” (391mm)

Weight: 16.80 lbs (7.6kg)


Coin drawers, standard and mega

Bagging attachments, bagging pedestal

Inspection pan magnet

Exact bag stops

Two RS232 serial interface ports


Remote batch total display

Soft sided machine cover/carry bag

Cash till sorting kit (Photo #5)

Tubing kit(s) containing:

• 1 Adapter & 4 coin tubes (.01, .05, .10, .25)

• 4 Adapters & 4 coin tubes (.01, .05, .10, .25)

Coin size range

Diameter: .61” to 1.28”(15.5mm to 32.5mm)

Thickness: .04” to .12” (1.0mm to 3.0mm)

Differential: .02” (0.5mm) minimum

Inspection pan capacity

Up to 2,500 coins

Drawer capacity

Standard - up to 500 coins

Mega - up to 900 coins

Bagging attachments

Standard size

Processing speed

Up to 1,500 coins per minute

Sorting capability

Up to 6 different denominations

Bag stops

Three Selectable bag stops per denomination

Security features

Lockout security to protect operating information

Battery backup in the event of power failure

Power supply

90-264 VAC (±10%), 50/60 Hz


Two-line, back-lit LCD


Ultra Feed Technology (Figure Eight Design for smooth jam free operations.
Enhanced Coin Detection utilizes De La Rue’s Coin Signature Detection System (CSDS)
The fastest in this price range (1500+ coins per minute)
Taken together the Mach 3-Series gives users an edge on efficiency because coins are counted accurately, and quickly…with minimal interruptions.


Model with features
Mach 6 Basic
Mega Coin Drawer
Magnet Kit Model for Inspection pan
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