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Used JetSort 4000

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Coin Sorting Speed
-- Up to 4,500 coins per minute

Coins Sorted -- 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1

Coin Sorting Accuracy -- 99.995%

Dimensions -- 38.15" H x 22.5" W x 23" D

Power -- Voltage operating ranges are either 105-130v or 198-253v. Frequency is 50/60Hz. Customer must provide an electrical supply properly grounded and protected by a circuit breaker in accordance with applicable electrical code. This equipment must be plugged into a properly grounded outlet. To ensure the proper operation of this equipment, a separate circuit serving only this device may be required.

Power consumption (full load amps) at nominal voltage: 9.0 Amps (120v); 4.5 Amps (220v)

Power disruptions that result in input voltage other than the power requirements listed can lead to improper operation of this device or result in failure/damage to electrical components. (Power disruptions are not covered under machine warranty or preventative maintenance agreement.) Power conditioning/stabilizing devices are available through Cummins.

*Specifications provided are approximate and subject to change without notice.





Illuminated Touch Screen Panel -- Puts all the key coin sorting operations right at your fingertips. Only those functions that can be utilized at a given time are displayed, allowing for even the most inexperienced user to perform coin counting and coin sorting operations with ease.

Exact Bag Stops -- Allows the JetSort® 4000 coin sorter to stop on the exact bag count every time.

Floor Stand -- Built-in floor stand with casters for easy mobility


Coin Lift Tray -- One-handed operation lets user process coins quickly and neatly.

Electronics Kit -- A variety of kits allows user to enter information such as ID number, currency totals, or other vital data to be included on the final tape from the printer.

Printer -- Provides permanent, easy-to-read record of coin processing.

Remote Display -- Large, red LED display shows coin totals for customer viewing.

Security Doors -- Conceals and secures all coin bags, while reducing sorting noise level.

Custom Coin Configuration -- The JetSort 4000 coin sorter can be designed to handle up to 8 coins, including custom coins and tokens.