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Maverick M-610 Encoder
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Prod. Code: MAVM610

Encoding exception items at their point-of-entry saves valuable time and money. Data missing from the MICR code-line can be encoded by the M-610, thus fully qualifying the exception item prior to being forwarded to the bank’s proof department. The process of encoding exception items at the point-of-entry enables production oriented departments, such as proof and item processing departments to operate at peak efficiency.

Designed for maximum throughput, the M-610 can easily meet your requirements for fast, accurate exception item encoding. Simply key in the information to be encoded, press the appropriate function key and drop the document into the track. The M-610 will encode the MICR line correctly every time. The M-610 is a direct replacement for older Maverick M-100 and M-210 series encoders.


  • Accurate Encoding –


  • High quality encoding at point-of-entry allows maximum productivity of the proof department. Minimal operator training. Incorporates standard operation, used in the MICR I and MICR II series. Supports a wide variety of applications developed over 20 years for the MICR I and MICR II series. Changes in software are easily made through the keyboard. Maverick’s original MICR I and II ribbon cartridge is utilized. A unique "maintenance free" metal hammer eliminates the need to replace the MICR print hammer with each new ribbon. The M-610 utilizes state of- the-art technology and components, including permanent storage of programs in FLASH ROM, instead of RAM. The M-610 with increased RAM space can store more data and is faster and quieter than the MICR I and II encoders. 

  • Easy to Use –

  • Flexible Software –

  • Easy to Install Ribbon Cartridge –

  • Maintenance Free Print Hammer –

  • Improved Performance –


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