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going offline for about 5 hours
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Apr 27, 2009
5:16 PM
On Monday, April 27, starting at 11pm (MST), we’ll be putting on our hard hats and launching that new inventory feature!

To get this great new feature up and running, we’ll be going offline for about 5 hours. Any customers who visit a GoBBM hosted site during that time will be shown a system notice, including the estimated time your website will be back online.
14 posts
Apr 28, 2009
2:34 PM
It’s halfway there! Due to the nature of the Inventory Feature, there are a few steps we have to take to get it up and running.

We did get a good chunk of it done yesterday, but did hit a little snag that prevented us from launching the whole feature.

We’re going to keep at it and we’ll keep you posted on our next move.

Thanks for your patience!

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