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Web Hosting ($400 per yr)
 Domain name
 500 Image Uploads
 50 Mb of storgae (in addition to Image library)
 Branded email (example you@yourname.com) (includes 5 unique email address)
 Unlimited Data Transfer (bandwidth)


Web Page made to
Web page with text and images. Home page and/or an About Us page.
Photo Album
The Photo Album page lets you display your photos in an easy-to-browse format.
Catalog Page
The Catalog page allows you to display products on your website.
Communication Tools
These tools help you communicate with your site's visitors and customers.
Custom Feedback Forms
The Custom Feedback - to collect information about your customers directly on your website. Then stores them for future reference.
A Newsletter lets your visitors easily subscribe to your email newsletter. An email newsletter allows you to maintain regular contact with your customers, encouraging them to buy from you, also be used to inform them about promotions, new products or special events.
An “Autoresponder” helps you build customer relationships and make sales by allowing you to send information to your customers in a series of emails in pre-set intervals. It works the same way as the Newsletter page except you can send a number of pre-created emails over a period of time.
Message Board
A Message Board provides a forum for discussion on your website. Visitors can ask questions and leave comments, which others are then able to respond to. This allows you to build a community on your website, provide support for your customers, or communicate with your staff.
Articles Posting - lets you conveniently post informative articles on your website. It lets you educate your customers about your products and services.
Press Releases
Press Releases - post press releases to make special announcements related to your company.
Business Tools
Each of these tools provides information specific to your business, including operational information.
The Contacts page lets you create a contact list of people in your company.
The Calendar page lets you post information about events related to your business in a convenient calendar format.
Questions & Answers
The Questions & Answers page lets you create an organized list of questions and answers. This makes it easy for visitors to find the answers to frequently asked questions. It also saves company time which might otherwise be spent answering common questions by phone or email.
Additional Tools
Each of these tools serves a very specific purpose and can't be categorized as easily as the more traditional tools.
Multimedia - allows you to post audio, video, and printable forms or instruction guides and more.
Feature testimonials about your products or services from satisfied customers.
The Links page lets you create a page of links to websites that are relevant to your business. Send customers to sites with information about your industry or your company's associations.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents - a list of all the pages in your menu for your visitors to find their way around your site.


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